Diaper Cake

** Happy Throwback Thursday!  Today’s post was originally posted 3/30/2013.  It has been edited slightly to update links **

One of my coworkers is having a baby and also recently moved across the country to another office. So, we decided to have a baby shower/going away party for her.

This is the diaper cake I made.

Diaper Cake

Instructions: Tutorial from Inga Berk on YouTube


  • Darice 8″ Macrame Ring*
  • Darice 12″ Macrame Ring*
  • 1/4″ Orange Ribbon – Bought from a bargain bin at Joann
  • Newborn Diapers – I don’t remember which brand, probably from Target
  • Empty Paper Towel roll for center
  • Platter from Party City
  • Elephant Topper is some random baby toy probably from Target

The only change I made is I used the Macrame Rings instead of Cake Pans, because I did not have the pans already.  The rings were a little bit fiddly until I got all the diapers in, but after that it was perfect!

It came out really cute, and was a great centerpiece for the party!

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