Red Sonja – Bikini Straps

The chainmail bikini that my client bought for her Red Sonja cosplay originally had suede cord as the fasteners.  Unfortunately when she was tightening the knots at a con, they snapped!  So after that con she got back in touch with me to replace the strings with something more substantial.

Rich actually ended up doing all the work on this one because he is the leatherworker.  All of the cord was replaced with leather straps and D rings.  This makes it infinitely adjustable, but still secure enough to wear for a full day.

Red Sonja Straps Finished

Here are some detail shots.  The straps are not completely symmetrical because we used scraps that were already cut from other projects.  The hardware all came from Tandy (and probaby the leather, too!)

Red Sonja Back Strap Red Sonja Bottoms Strap Detail Red Sonja Bottoms Strap Red Sonja Strap

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