Red Sonja – References

My friend commissioned me to make the accessories (gloves, leg bands, sword) for a Red Sonja costume.  This will be his girlfriend’s very first cosplay.  They are going as Red Sonja and Conan for Wondercon 2015.

The astute reader may notice that this is posting after Wondercon 2015.  You would be correct.  I’m going to break the build into three posts anyway: References, Gloves, and Bands.

We were going for the Comic Book look, rather than the Brigitte Nielson movie.  There… isn’t much to it, but I got to learn some new techniques and do things I’ve never done before, and the whole costume turned out great!

Here are the main references I used:

Red_Sonja_001 red_sonja_005_by_malcolmflowers-d5x7eb8 rs52-pr a4_213978_0_RedSonjaSheDevilWithaSword44A

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