If I had kept up with blogging when I created my first one, I’d have been “a blogger” for over 15 years now.  Instead, the last decade and a half has been full of fits and starts, internal drama over branding before I even understood branding as a term (Do I use my real name?  Do I use my online name?  Do I keep one theme?  Do I write about everything in one place?  Should I use WordPress or Joomla?), and general laziness.  Case in point, I purchased this domain in May of 2013.  This post you are reading was first created as a test post in Feb 2014, and in October of 2014 I finally wrote the words you are reading now.  Expect my first content post sometime in early 2015!


I strongly believe that an idea is worth nothing.  The value is in the execution.  It’s time for me to start practicing what I preach, and thus this domain will be home for a while.  Its purpose is to document all of my crafting endeavors.. the late night, last minute inspirations along with the more thoughtful and detailed builds.


The idea of “eleventh hour” has a couple different meanings.  First, I find that much of my creativity comes at the last minute.  It forces me to get over my analysis paralysis and just start cutting, already.  Second, I’m in my early 30s and sometimes feel like it’s too “late” for me to claim my little corner of the interwebs.  This is of course a ridiculous notion, and what the self-help gurus would call a limiting belief.  And so I am forging ahead, focusing on action and not giving a damn if anyone actually notices.


This one is for me.  And for you… but… mostly me.


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